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Guestbook for Tessa Crocker
Hanna Salter(non-registered)
I love that you get down on the objects level! Keep up the good work!
Katie W(non-registered)
I love your 57th picture. It looks so peaceful with the goose just floating on the river and the black and white. Keep up the good work!
Gracie Satterfield(non-registered)
I rely like you're pic of the train track and how it looks like it is getting smaller and it is old it looks so gorgeous I think you did a very good job on that. I rely love the goose flying out of the water it is so amazing and the black and white is so beautiful too and it is not even blurry so that is very impressive i think so great job Tessa C.
Abigail M(non-registered)
I love the black and white photo of the tree. It was so amazing! I love the great focus you used there. Amazing job keep up the good work!
Jordan Cairer(non-registered)
Tessa, I love the interesting angles, creative talent, and the amount of thought that I know goes into each photo! Great job!!
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